Adora Mora

Adora Mora

Resident Tutor
Tutor in: Pre-Career, Race Relations, International Experience
Adora Mora

Hi there Kirklanders! I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and graduated from Harvard in 2010. Afterward, I spent five years in NYC in investment banking at Barclays Capital and then at an education nonprofit called the Harlem Children's Zone where my focus was on operational strategy and program innovation. I am currently a graduate student at Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School in the MPP/MBA program entering my 2nd year. I am excited to join the Kirkland family and advise on career paths, public service, race relations and study abroad experiences. My first love is dance - I've tried countless forms - and also love to chat about food, share funny stories about my seven other siblings, discuss how to we can improve equality of opportunity for all young people, and learn more about cool and interesting people - like you!


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