Alex Lupsasca

Alex Lupsasca

Resident Tutor
Tutor In: Kirkland Drama Society, French Table, Wine Seminar, Physics
Alex Lupsasca

Bonjour! I graduated from Kirkland in physics and math in 2011, and then stayed on at Harvard to pursue a PhD in theoretical physics. I am glad to be returning to the house for a fifth year as the resident tutor in C entryway. As an undergrad, I loved performing as a supporting character in the Kirkland Drama Society's theatrical productions, and now I'm happy to serve as a KDS tutor. KDS is always fun(ny) and I encourage you to join the cast (and attend the shows!). Of course, I will also be delighted to help you with your physics homework, or answer any grad school related questions. Finally, if you want to practice your Fran├žais, do join us at our friendly and vibrant French table! You are always welcome to drop by C-42 for a chat (and/or a cup of espresso) and I hope to meet many of you in the dining hall!


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