Eric Bersin

Eric Bersin

Resident Tutor
Tutor in: Engineering, Boat Club, Music, Fellowships
Eric Bersin

Hey KHaus! I'm super excited to be completing my metamorphosis from Kirkland undergrad to non-resident tutor to finally emerging from my chrysalis as a resident tutor in A entryway this year, along with my girlfriend, Kori, who has always been a beautiful and majestic butterfly, no molting required. I graduated from Kirkland in 2014, accidentally completing a joint concentration in {Biomedical Engineering} and {Chemistry and Physics}. During my time at Harvard I had the privilege of singing with the Glee Club, the Krokodiloes, and playing viola with the Bach Society Orchestra. After graduating, I spent a year in Munich, Germany on a Fulbright fellowship, where I worked at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics. Accordingly, I'll be serving as a tutor in Engineering, Fellowships, and Music. I'm currently working on my PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, where I'm supported by a NASA Science and Technology Research Fellowship. My research largely entails shooting lasers at diamonds in order to build quantum computers - or at least, that's what I tell my advisor. Outside of work, I love spending time hiking, volunteering at the Boston Museum of Science, and singing with the Jameson Singers Choir. Come say hello at my office hours, and let's chat about the superiority of the German Beer Purity Law, interpretations of quantum mechanics, the proper way to tie a bowtie, and the continued relevance of polyphonic Renaissance music in a world fraught with harmonic monotony.


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