Verena Conley

Verena Conley

Faculty Dean of Kirkland House
Long-term Visiting Professor, Departments of Comparative Literature and Romance Languages and Literature
Verena Conley

I was born in Zurich, Switzerland and spent my childhood on the shores of Lake Geneva. Raised bilingually in a family that specialized in business in Southeast Asia, I quickly developed a liking for other languages and cultures. After an education in the liberal arts built around seven years of Latin!! A Fulbright fellowship allowed me to settle on American shores. I turned resolutely to contemporary studies at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, earning my Ph.D. in French and Comparative Literature. I have taught at several institutions, including Miami University, the University of Paris-VIII, the University of California at Berkeley, and UCLA. At Harvard, I teach in Comparative Literature and Romance Languages and Literatures. During the academic year 2016-17 I will be on leave. I am working on two projects. The first, From the Colony to Ecology, focuses on French colonial gardens, especially the Jardin d’essai du hamma in Algiers. A second on Care: Ecology, Technology, Sensation, Worlds. I have written on post-World War II intellectual history, experimental women writers, ecology, technology as well as a couple of creative books. I like to swim, hike, attend varsity games or simply hang out.


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