Reserve Music Practice Rooms

Reserving the Kirkland Music Practice Rooms:

  • Kirkland House has two Music Practice Rooms; one in B-Entry and one in C-Entry.
  •  Kirkland residents may reserve up to 3 hours per day of practice time
  • The music rooms will be unlocked from 10am-10:30pm. If the room is locked when it should be unlocked, see the Building Manager or security guard.
  • Amplified music must be held to a volume that is not disruptive to surrounding residents, and it must not continue for more than 2 hours at a time. No amplified music in the practice rooms after 7pm Sun-Thurs.
  • Eating, drinking, and smoking are prohibited in practice rooms. Violation of this rule can damage the instruments, and persistent problems will lead to the Music Rooms being locked again.

To add a reservation to this calendar:
1. Go to your own Google Calendar and create your event.
2. Include your name and the Music Room you will use (e.g. "John T. Kirkland, C-Entry")
3. Invite this entity to your event:
This is the Music Room Calendar ID.
4. If the Music Room is not already booked at that time, your reservation is complete and will appear on this page.  Congrats!

If you do not have a personal Google Calendar, email Kate Cavell at with your name and requested date, time, and she can add it for you.

Music Practice Room Schedule