House Committee

The Kirkland House Committee (HoCo) is composed of dedicated Kirkland residents who work to maintain and develop the character and spirit of Kirkland House.  The House Committee's main task is to oversee House life and to serve as a forum for discussions on House-related issues in order to foster a better community for everyone.  We are also responsible for all House-wide events like Stein Clubs, the Holiday Dance, and our spring formal. Any Kirkland House student is welcome to attend HoCo's weekly meetings.  

HoCo Constitution: Read our HoCo constitution. (Adopted October 2017)

Contact: Feel free to contact us at!

Meetings: All Kirklanders are always welcome to attend HoCo meetings. See the Open List for HoCo's weekly meeting times and location (usually the Finnegan Family Junior Common Room).

HoCo Adviser: Marie Keil

Meet Your Spring 2020 HoCo Officers (elected November 2019 and in some cases the Februrary 9, 2020 special election):


Andrea Zhang and Maranda Ngue


Social Chair

Maranda Ngue  

Stein Club Chairs

Alexis Boo and Julia Luehr



Elijah Suh



Rafael Trevino


Publicity Chair

Tripp Carolan



Elijah Suh

Merchandise Chair Rick Lee  
Small Events Chair Caleb Huevel-Horwitz