Public Service

Kirkland's 2016-17 Public Service Tutors: Kim Takacs (coordinator), Kori Zorina, Alexandra Chen (Non-Resident Tutor)

Interested in finding a way to incorporate service into your career after college or during your time here at Harvard? The Kirkland Public Service team would love to help! 

Public service could encompass any number of career paths: politics, policy, NGO work, teaching, research, law, direct service, community organizing, and much more. There are also many different ways to serve others as part of any career/concentration or general life path. We want to help you find ways to do that, whether as a full time job, a summer internship, or term time opportunities.

The public service team is comprised of resident tutors, all covering a wide variety of backgrounds, fields, and experiences. We are first and foremost here to provide you with individual advising. If you are interested in an advising session with a Kirkland Public Service tutor, please click here. 

We host a few events during the year. Be on the look out on the open list for dates/times. Here are a few sample events:

  • ‘Guests For Good’ Dinners:  We are very excited to invite public servants from many different sectors for intimate dinners with students to talk about their experiences. Contact Kim Takacs if you have any questions about signups. 
  • Public Service/Interest Summer Options – Come learn more about the opportunities available to you in public service for the summer. Harvard University representatives will share internships, volunteer ops and other and the resources they can provide in helping you secure your ideal public service role.
  • Public Interest Career Exploration Panel:  We will work with OCS/PBHA/PSN to host an information session about the different types post-graduate opportunities available to students.

Public Service Portal: Check out the following university page with resources, events, internship opportunities and more: 

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