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The Kirkland Pre-Career Tutors are excited to get to know you and support you. We want to work with you to discover how to apply your skills and interests to a variety of fields. We volunteered for this position for different reasons: we have been inspired by our mentors, we have had good and bad experiences we hope you can learn from, or simply because we enjoy helping college students. No matter where you are in your career journey, we are here to help you get set up for success.

Kirkland's 2017-18 Pre-Career Resident Tutors: Dina Wang (coordinator), Adora Mora, Channing Spencer


Services We Provide:
We are happy to...

  • Listen to what’s important to you and help you explore your interests
  • Help you start a job search
  • Provide feedback for your resumes and cover letters
  • Conduct mock interviews
  • Introduce you to colleagues, professors, or firms we know
  • Help you apply to MBA or doctoral programs in business
  • Direct you to other resources on and off campus


How to get in touch:
We are here to assist you -- it’s our job! Please let us know how we can help and how we’re doing. To get in touch with use:

  • Find us at our weekly office hours (Sunday at 8pm in the dining hall)
  • Come to any of our special events and sessions (look for our emails on the Kirkland listserve)
  • Reach out via email to set up coffee or a meal with anyone on the team


Kirkland's 2017-18 Pre-Career Non-Resident Tutors:
(To contact the Non-Resident Tutors, ask
Dina, Adora, or Channing to connect you)

Shaira Bhanji Shaira Bhanji: Shaira is a first-year MBA candidate at Harvard Business School. She graduated from Harvard College in 2014 as a proud Kirkland alumna with a degree in Economics and a secondary in Global Health/Health Policy. After graduation, she spent two years in management consulting and an additional year focusing on health care strategy. She is happy to talk about her undergraduate experience, research and other opportunities on- and off-campus, and bridging interests in business and healthcare. While Cambridge is her second home, Shaira is originally from sunny Los Angeles, California.

Rahima Dosani

Rahima Dosani: Rahima graduated with an MBA from Harvard Business School and an MPH from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Her interests lie at the intersection of global health and business. She started her career in management consulting in New York, and then moved to Malawi and later Myanmar with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), serving as a trusted advisor to the Ministry of Health and helping to increase access to vaccines and HIV/TB diagnostics for the most underserved populations. Rahima currently works at FSG in Boston doing global health and social impact consulting. She has worked and lived in seven countries, is a certified yoga instructor, and loves to cook.

Raja Ghawi: Raja is a Senior Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company's Boston office, and is currently on rotation with Quantum Black (QB). QB is a McKinsey-owned company born out of Formula 1 that is pioneering the usage of big data and advanced analytics to improve organizational performance. Raja graduated from Kirkland in 2015 with a degree in Bioengineering. While at the College, he split his time between doing tissue engineering research, leading the Harvard Society of Arab Students (SAS), and spending way too long in the Kirkland DHall chatting with friends and eating brain-break bagels as he procrastinated essays and psets. Raja was born and raised in Syria where he attended high school, and spent his junior summer interning at McKinsey's Dubai office. He is happy to talk about consulting, advanced analytics in the business world, and international opportunities.

Aticus Peterson: After graduating in Applied Math in May I moved a whole one stop down the redline to Central Square. I currently work downtown at Rose Park Advisors, a specialized investment firm that applies the theory of disruptive innovation developed by co-founder Clayton Christensen to invest in companies whose business models are well-suited to take advantage of industry change. I look for new disruptive opportunities and companies in which to invest and provide strategic support for our existing private portfolio. My roundabout path to finance started as a premed, working a summer in Beijing with the CEO of China’s largest private preventative healthcare provider, then took a sharp turn to consulting, interning at BCG my junior summer, and finally landed in finance.

Stefan Rajkovic

Stefan Rajkovic: Stefan is a Software Engineer at Microsoft New England in Kendall Square, arriving there after internships at Microsoft HQ, Square, and a startup in Boston called TrueMotion. He graduated last year from Kirkland, studying CS and the effects of spending inordinate amounts of time in the Kirkland Dining Hall. He’s happy to report that those effects are almost entirely positive. He was also a TF for CS51 and CS61. He’s happy to help with your questions regarding getting a job in tech, CS at Harvard, and picking the right company for you, whether your concerns are size, location, salary, or anything in between.
Hitesh Tolani Hitesh Tolani: Hitesh is a dentist whose focus lies in pediatrics, special needs and public health dentistry. Although Hitesh loves seeing patients, he somehow found himself in the world of entrepreneurship, building Virtudent, a company that was born out of the Harvard Innovation Lab. Virtudent increases access to oral healthcare through combining state-of-the-art mobile dentistry technology and telemedicine. Virtudent was the runner up in the 2014 Harvard President's Challenge and the Tufts 100K New Ventures Competition. The company then went on to win MassChallenge and subsequently raise a $2MM seed investment round from Barack Obama's Co-Chairman of the National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Hitesh's personal story and pursuit of an education lends to his passion of working with students.

Jen Tutak: Jen graduated with a Master in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School while concurrently pursuing her Master of Business Administration in a dual degree program at the MIT Sloan School of Management. She also holds a Master of Education degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and her long-term interest lies at the intersection of business, government, and education. Jen is now a management consultant focusing on public sector/higher education work, notably helping improve undergraduate college completion rates. Have previously served as a proctor during her graduate studies at Harvard, Jen is thrilled to be continuing as a non-resident tutor at Kirkland!
Roland Yang Roland Yang: Roland is first-year MBA student at Harvard Business School and graduated from Kirkland in 2014 with a degree in Government and a secondary in the Modern Middle East. Roland was part of McKinsey's DC office, where he was an Engagement Manager and a Business Analyst before that. Roland is happy to talk about management consulting, renewable energy, international opportunities, and public sector consulting. As an undergrad, he served as COO of Harvard Student Agencies and co-chair of the QSA, so always down to chat about student businesses and being LGBTQ at work, too. He loves spending time along the Charles, whether sculling or running.
On-Campus Resources:
There are many Harvard resources in place to help you find internships and jobs. It is helpful to get a sense of what the different on-campus centers and professional schools provide. They all have websites and many of the centers also have professional counselors available to speak with you on a daily basis.
  • Office of Career Services (OCS) has a wealth of information and resources for US and international opportunities – familiarize yourself with all of their offerings and counselors
  • Academic & Campus Interview Program Calendar (OCS) has important dates associated with on-campus recruiting
  • Institute of Politics (IOP) supports many students activities and is your first stop if you are interested in public sector and policy opportunities
  • Office of International Education (OIE) has funding for international travel and internships; they also have many knowledgeable counselors
  • Harvard Professional Schools and Centers that offer great paid and unpaid internships, grants, fellowships, and jobs. Here are just a few: Bureau of Study Counsel offers many useful courses to build practical skills
    • HBS Research Associate Program has fantastic positions if you’re interested in doing more research or gaining experience before going to industry or academia (pay is comparable to some consulting firms)
    • HBS 2+2 Program for college seniors interested in doing an MBA after two years of work experience
    • Harvard Kennedy School has great internship opportunities and fellowships through their many centers
  • Center for Public Interest Careers (CPIC) at Harvard College has wonderful resource guides, a job database, and knowledgeable counselors to help you
  • Harvard Innovation Lab (i-Lab)

Pre-Professional Organizations/Clubs help you get hands-on experience with peers and great mentors; here are some highlights to keep in mind:

Using Your Network:
  • Your fellow Kirkland students are a rich source of contacts and information. We often find ourselves talking to a senior who had an awesome internship doing exactly the kind of work that a current Kirkland sophomore is interested in. Talk to others in the House!
  • Kirkland Tutors
  • Alumni (especially Kirkland alumni)
  • Crimson Compass Alumni Database
  • Harvard Clubs
  • Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs (HAE)
  • Professors often need research assistants or can connect you with their colleagues or former students; a recommendation by one of your professors can open many doors
  • Family and friends know you best; make sure to let them know your interests so that you have a team helping you find opportunities
  • Go to conferences and talks in your field of interest; there are many at Harvard, MIT, BU, and in the Boston area
  • LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals
  • Young Entrepreneurs Initiative (YEi) is a networking and mentoring website for people who want to set up technology ventures in France