Sophomore Advising

The goal of Sophomore Advising at Harvard College is to support our sophomores as they engage in focused academic exploration and transition to House life. It is a collaborative effort on the part of students, Houses, and concentrations.

Starting in mid-August, each Sophomore is assigned a Sophomore Adviser in a process that takes into consideration the student's interests in the College's nine field clusters: Arts, Engineering, History, Languages and Literatures, Life Sciences, Math and Computation, Physical Science, Qualitiative Social Sciences, and Quantitative Social Sciences. Sophomore Advisers are a resource for answering your accaemic questions and/or helping guide you in the direction of those who can provide answers.

Kirkland's 2022-23 Sophomore Advising Coordinator (SAC): Channing Spencer

In the Fall:

Sophomore Advisers will be your primary academic adviser during your third term. Together, we will discuss class schedules and offer support as you decide on a concentration, in addition to other academic matters such as balancing academic and non-academic interests, study abroad options, and accessing Harvard resources.

At least one week before course registration, your Sophomore Adviser will email you to find a time to meet to discuss your courses plans and any other advising topics you would like to discuss. You can also log in to my.harvard to find your Adviser.

Your Sophomore Adviser will be available throughout the fall to discuss how classes are going, your extracurricular interests, options for study abroad/fellowships/grants, and concentration choice. Your Adviser will help to point you to Harvard’s many rich and useful resources.

In mid-November, your Sophomore Adviser will assist you in preparing a Plan of Study, in which you will officially declare a concentration. Once you have declared your concentration, you will be given a Concentration adviser by your department.

In the Spring:

Your new Concentration Adviser will sign your Study Card and offer specific advice about your concentration. Your Sophomore Adviser will continue to be available as a resource in addition to your Concentration Adviser.


Additional Information: