Christine Baugh

Resident Tutor
Tutor In: Writing, Public Health, Outings, Athletes' Table

Hi Kirkland! I'm Christine, resident tutor in J entryway with my husband Gil, perhaps most readily recognized as the pet-parent to the fluffiest resident of Kirkland, Boogie. I am currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Mental Health Policy at Harvard Medical School. As previous graduate of the College (History and Science, 2010), BU School of Public Health (Health Law, Bioethics, and Human Rights, 2012), and Harvard GSAS (PhD in Health Policy), I am excited to help anyone navigating graduate school applications or interested in non-clinical health careers. I look forward to continuing as a public health, writing, and now athlete tutor here in Kirkland. I love coffee, dogs, and the dining hall, and I would love to chat anytime.... Read more about Christine Baugh


Rosa Baum

Resident Tutor
Tutor In: Pre-Law, IMs

Hi all! I’m incredibly excited to be joining the Kirkland Community. I’m currently a dual degree student, pursuing a JD at the law school and a Masters in Public Policy at the Kennedy School. I hail from Colorado, with life having taken me for a great ride fo work (ie Mexico City where I was a legal services provider for migrants arriving in Mexico), study (Cairo, Egypt), play (I just competed in the World Ultimate (Frisbee) Club Championship), and pleasure (my most recent trip oversees was to work at a refugee camp on the island of Leros, Greece). I’m always up for a good chat about life, school, sports (I personally have played basketball, softball, baseball, football, soccer, and ultimate frisbee), or the future (I’m headed into public interest government work), and love getting out and about—the Colorado in me jumps at the opportunity to run, hike, or get out on the water. Whatever it is, let’s have some fun with it.... Read more about Rosa Baum


Soha Bayoumi

Allston Burr Resident Dean, Kirkland House and Assistant Dean of Harvard College

Hello Kirkland! I am excited to start my third year in the wonderful community of Kirkland House, along with my husband, Ahmed Ragab, our daughter, Carmen and our cat, Jesse.

I was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, where I graduated with a BA in political science from Cairo University. I went on to do my Master’s and PhD in political theory and history in Paris, France at the Paris Institute for Political Studies (Sciences Po).

I’ve been at Harvard since 2007 and have been privileged enough to experience multiple facets of this wondrous place: first as a visiting fellow in the Department of Government, then as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, and finally as a lecturer in the Department of the History of Science, where I continue to teach, in addition to my responsibilities as the Allston Burr Resident Dean (ABRD) of Kirkland House.... Read more about Soha Bayoumi

p: 617-495-2276

Eric Bersin

Resident Tutor
Tutor in: Engineering, Boat Club, Fellowships

Hey KHaus! I'm excited to return to Kirkland this year along with my girlfriend, Kori. Originally from Chicago, I graduated from Kirkland in 2014, joint concentrating in {Biomedical Engineering} and {Chemistry and Physics}. At Harvard I had the privilege of performing with the Glee Club, the Krokodiloes, and the Bach Society Orchestra. After graduating, I spent a year in Munich on a Fulbright fellowship working at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics. I'm currently a PhD student in Electrical Engineering at MIT, where I'm supported by a NASA Graduate Fellowship and work with Lincoln Laboratory in Lexington. Accordingly, I tutor in Engineering, Fellowships, and Music. My research entails shooting lasers at diamonds in order to build quantum computers - or at least, that's what I tell our funding agencies. Outside work, I love spending time outdoors, volunteering at the Museum of Science, and singing. Come say hello at office hours or stop by our room in L-12, and let's chat about the superiority of the German Beer Purity Law, interpretations of quantum mechanics, and the continued relevance of polyphonic Renaissance music in a world fraught with harmonic monotony.

Alyssa Botelho

Alyssa Botelho

Resident Affiliate
Tutor in: Arts Outings

Hi Kirkland! James and I are thrilled to return to Kirkland House this year. I’m in my fifth year as an MD/PhD student at Harvard, and am pursuing my graduate work in the History of Science department. Before starting medical school, I graduated from Harvard College and spent one year working as a reporter in Boston. I’m originally from Davidson, North Carolina and hail from a family of classical musicians. James and I are always happy to chat about graduate school, professional school, rock climbing, and the great outdoors (we love hiking/camping). We look forward to seeing you all!... Read more about Alyssa Botelho


Kevin Carney

Resident Tutor
Tutor in: Econ, BGLTQ, Fellowships, Late Open Houses

I am a third-year Ph.D. student in public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School and a tutor in C-entryway along with my partner, Spencer Smith. My academic interests are in development economics and behavioral economics, and I do field research in Kenya. Before Harvard, I completed a master's degree in economics at the Paris School of Economics and worked at the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) in Santiago, Chile. I enjoy travel, classical music, and running. I look forward to getting to know you this year!... Read more about Kevin Carney

Kate Drizos Cavell

Kate Drizos Cavell

House Administrator
H-13 (Office)

In Kirkland, I work on housing, events, room reservations, the budget, and whatever comes my way! My favorite things about Kirkland include KDS, Conversations with Kirkland, HoCo, sophomore advising, and our truly wonderful community of Tutors, students, and staff. Outside of Kirkland, I'm a first-year PhD student at Boston College, studying Higher Education. My office is under the Kirkland archway in H-Entry. Visitors are always welcome!

p: 617-495-2272

Katia Chadaideh

Resident Tutor
Tutor In: Study Abroad, Science Outings, CARE, STEM

I’m super excited to be joining Kirkland as a tutor in H-entryway! Born and raised in Orlando, I braved the Boston winters to pursue a PhD in human evolutionary biology here at Harvard. I’m currently in my fourth year, studying the impacts of diet on the gut microbiome (my research makes me think a lot about food, so you’ll be seeing me in the dining hall often!). As an undergrad at Rollins College, I majored in biochemistry and anthropology, and had the chance to conduct fieldwork in Spain, Mexico, and Japan. I’d be thrilled to chat about all things science at the STEM table, and to help you find opportunities for lab experiences or travels abroad! In my free time, I love hiking/camping, yoga, and am trying to become a more consistent runner. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Marcus Comiter

Marcus Comiter

Resident Tutor
Tutor in: Fellowships, CS, Math

Hi Kirkland!  I'm very excited to return to the house community as the E-entryway Tutor. I'm a PhD candidate in Computer Science here at Harvard, where my research focuses on machine learning, wireless networks, computer vision, as well as public policy relating to technology issues. I graduated from Harvard (Class of 2014) with a joint concentration in Computer Science and Statistics. I'm a native of South Florida, growing up among the alligators a little north of Miami. Outside of work, I enjoy movies, music, following environmental issues (especially in Florida), and politics. I'm also an avid aquarist (I have a saltwater aquarium with a clownfish named Crusty at home in Florida) and can never get enough of the beach. I'm looking forward to another great year in the Kirkland community!

Dawn Comstock

Dawn Comstock

Resident Tutor
Tutor In: Pre-Med

Hi Kirkland House! Looking forward to another year as the F-entryway tutor! I’m originally from Minnesota, and graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College where I majored in Biology and Scandinavian Studies. I’m starting my fifth year as an MD/PhD student at Harvard, and pursuing my PhD in Immunology. Currently, I spend a lot of my time in lab at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute studying cancer immunotherapy. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, being outdoors, eating brunch, and traveling. I’m excited to play IM sports, hang out in the D-hall, and have lots of conversations over coffee or tea!... Read more about Dawn Comstock

Tom Conley

Tom Conley

Faculty Dean of Kirkland House
Abbott Lawrence Lowell Professor of Romance Languages & Literature and Visual and Environmental Studies

I came to Harvard in 1995 and to the Kirkland House in 2000. Trained in French literature at Columbia University (M.A.) and the University of Wisconsin (Ph.D.) in French and Art History, I taught at a number of institutions in North American and France before joining Romance Languages and, soon after, Visual and Environmental Studies.  My research is devoted to literature, cinema, and cartography.  Verena and I  consider Kirkland to be our House and Home, and its staff, students and affiliates all part of a wondrously extended family.  It is a delight and an honor to be where we are.... Read more about Tom Conley

p: 617-495-2274
Verena Conley

Verena Conley

Faculty Dean of Kirkland House
Long-term Visiting Professor, Departments of Comparative Literature and Romance Languages and Literature

I was born in Zürich, Switzerland and spent my childhood on the shores of Lake Geneva. Raised bilingually in a family that specialized in business in Southeast Asia, I quickly developed a liking for other languages and cultures. After an education in the liberal arts built around seven years of Latin!! A Fulbright fellowship allowed me to settle on American shores. I turned resolutely to contemporary studies at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, earning my Ph.D. in French and Comparative Literature. I have taught at several institutions ( the University of Paris-VIII, the University of California at Berkeley, and UCLA among them). At Harvard, I teach in Comparative Literature and Romance Languages and Literatures. I have written on post-World War II intellectual history, experimental women writers, ecology, technology as well as a couple of creative books. I like to swim, hike, attend varsity games or simply hang out. I look forward to another wonderful year in Kirkland House. ... Read more about Verena Conley

p: 617-495-2274
Scott Haywood

Scott Haywood

Building Manager
H-17 (Office)

Scott is responsible for the physical maintenance of the House and for improvement of all House facilities. Minor maintenance requests-such as repairs of leaky faucets, defective lights, or faulty locks-should be reported to his office. The Building Manager issues key cards and keys for all entries, suites, and House facilities. Scott is eager to help students in any way he can and welcomes questions and suggestions about Kirkland House.

Visit the Building Info tab of this site for information.

p: 617-495-2271

Kevin Holden


I'm very happy to continue this year as Kirkland's Writer-in-Residence. I graduated from Harvard College in 2005, after which I attended Cambridge (MPhil), the Iowa Writers Workshop (MFA), and Yale (PhD). I am now a Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows, where I am writing about poetry and philosophy. I have published six books and chapbooks of poetry, as well as translations from French, German, and Russian. Here in Kirkland I organize poetry readings and events, and bring writers to the House for dinners and conversations. I help out with the Writing, Fellowships, and BGLTQ Tutor teams. I also host a writing table, where we read texts of our own or by writers we enjoy — everyone is welcome! ... Read more about Kevin Holden

Edie Johnson

Edie Johnson

Resident Tutor and Sophomore Advising Coordinator
20 DeWolfe 38
Tutor In: BGLTQ, Wine Seminar, First Gen advising

Hi KHouse! Rachel and I are excited to be back as tutors for our second year! You can find us and my dog, Cookie, in DeWolfe 20-38. We are both Kirkland House alums dedicated to bringing the Straus Cup back to its rightful home! I’m originally from a very small town (population <100) in Northern Minnesota and graduated from Harvard with a concentration in Engineering Sciences. I worked at Harvard’s Office of Career Services for two years, and now I work at a startup called Virtudent (founded by one of Kirkland’s non-resident tutors). Outside of work I'm a board game fanatic and I'm always looking for someone to play against so please ask about my growing game collection.
... Read more about Edie Johnson