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A fellowship is a means to pursue a new plan or an old dream for purposeful travel or study. Your Kirkland Fellowships Advising Team consists of Fellowships Tutors who are here to guide you through the process of turning your plan into action. We can help you identify and prepare a strong application package for a well-suited fellowship opportunity.

Kirkland's 2016-17 Fellowships Tutors: Philip Gant (coordinator), Eric Bersin, Kevin Carney, Marcus Comiter, Kylie Sago, Spencer Smith, Kacey Carter (Non-Resident Tutor)

What's the first step?
We highly recommend dropping by our Fellowships office hours, which we'll be holding each Tuesday (9-10 PM) in the Kirkland Dining Hall. You'll have the chance to speak with Fellowships Tutors to explore your goals and ideas for a particular plan – i.e., summer research, postgraduate studies or a traveling fellowship. In preparation for an initial discussion at office hours, you can read up on introductory information about fellowships on the Harvard College Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships website, which maintains an excellent Calendar of Deadlines & Info Meetings and Funding Sources Database. You can also review the bios of Fellowships Tutors listed below and contact a tutor directly to set up a meeting time to discuss his or her particular area of expertise.