Fridays with Faculty

What is Fridays with Faculty?

Fridays with Faculty is a nearly weekly lunch discussion during which an invited professor discusses a topic of interest related to their field with a small group of students. There is catered wine, cheese, and desserts to complement your regular dining hall meal.

What is discussed?

The professor is asked to discuss a topic that may relate their work to a current issue in the news, or they may discuss the import of their field to our contemporary world. Sometimes, a professor's area of expertise may appear abstract or distant to the untrained eye; these lunch discussions are an excellent way of learning how various disciplines impact and relate to us today. Other topics may include work done by the professor in the non-academic world, recent research, or why and how an area of expertise developed into a passion.

Who is invited?

All students of Kirkland House are invited each week; however, an RSVP is required given that the Private Dining Room holds only about 12 people. The Fridays with Faculty coordinators work to invite faculty to these events. However, students may suggest a faculty member and we will do our best to invite her or him (see below).

When is Fridays with Faculty held?

Lunch discussions are held at 12:00 p.m. on--you guessed it!--Fridays in the Private Dining Room. Check this page and the Kirkland House calendar, as well as your emails throughout the semester for upcoming events and how to RSVP.

Whom do I contact about Fridays with Faculty?

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Axel M. Oaks Takács or Danilo Petranovich (SCR member). If you wish to suggest a faculty member, then contact Axel.