Race Relations Advising

Race Relations Tutors work to foster a respectful and positive environment in which diversity enriches the lives of all Kirklanders. They also work closely with the Harvard Foundation to organize activities that promote discussion of racial and cultural diversity.

Kirkland's 2018-19 Race Relations Tutors: Katherine Mateo and Channing Spencer

Additional Information:
Harvard has plenty of resources for students interested in cultural and ethnic affairs. Please check out these websites for more information!

The Harvard Foundation: The Harvard Foundation for Intercultural Race Relations is a nonprofit organization on campus whose purpose is to improve intercultural understanding through scholarly programs and cultural celebrations. Most student organizations that deal with issues of diversity, from the Asian American Association to the Woodbridge Society, are funded through the Foundation.

The Bureau of Study Counsel

Office of International Programs: Your one-stop shop for information about studying, working, or traveling abroad as a Harvard Student.

University Policy:
Click here for information from the Harvard University Police Department website for information about how the law defines a hate crime and how to get in touch with them if you think that you are the victim of a hate crime.

Click here to read the Harvard College Handbook for Students Statement on discrimination and harassment.