Kirkland champ teams

Every year, Kirkland students and staff participate in over 100 intramural (IM) games and special events against the other Harvard houses in an all-out battle for the Straus Cup. All Kirklanders are welcome to attend and participate in our events. Check out our 2021-22 Year in Review for a recap of our championship year!

2022-2023 IM Tutors: Rachel Tandias, Chris Egi, Kellen Dugan, and Tyler Alabanza-Behard

Sports Offered:

Fall Season:
Leagues: A/B Volleyball, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football, Tennis
Special events: Spikeball, Innertube Water Polo, Badminton, River Run
Winter Season:
Leagues: A/B/C Basketball, Broomball, Squash
Special events: Table Tennis, Dodgeball, Futsal
Spring Season:
Leagues: A/B Volleyball, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football, Softball
Special events: Men's and Women's A/B Crew, Foosball, Billiards, River Run, Spikeball, Innertube Water Polo, Indoor Climbing

Each sports league has 6 regular season games on Mon-Thurs evenings (usually 1 game per week). The top 4 teams in each league advance to a single-elimination playoff tournament. We also have special events, which are 1-day tournaments held on weekends. Points are awarded for each event and are totaled in the spring, with the top house winning the Straus Cup. Houses receive 20 points for each win, 10 points for each loss, and -15 points for each forfeit.

Join the individual team group chats to RSVP for our games and to receive updates/reminders about our events: K-Force Soccer GroupMe, K-Force Ultimate Frisbee GroupMe, K-Force Flag Football GroupMe, K-Force Volleyball GroupMe

Additional Information: