Senior Common Room

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What is the SCR?

Great question! The Senior Common Room is both a place (a room in A-Entryway) and a group of distinguished people associated with the House: Professors - active, emeritus, and retired - in a myriad of disciplines, tutors, associates, honorary members, visiting fellows, and affiliates, whose academic expertise, teaching experience, and outside interests may be helpful or interesting to students. Often, members have a personal or academic history with Kirkland House, and many were residents of Kirkland House during their undergraduate years, or were tutors during their graduate studies.

What does the SCR do? 

Throughout the year, there are typically evening receptions held in the Senior Common Room. All members of the SCR are invited, as well as students currently living in Kirkland House. This is a chance for students to connect with a distinguished, intergenerational group of professionals from both the academic and non-academic world over food and drinks.

For the 2022-23 academic year, these receptions will resume in-person in the physical SCR, approximately monthly. During each Friday Night Bites reception, there will be food and informal conversation. Conversations may range from discussing shared interests to philosophizing about life to offering career advice and beyond!

Keep an eye on your emails for upcoming SCR receptions and programming!

Can I use the SCR space? 

The Senior Common Room is a small room containing comfortable furniture and a small kitchen. It can accommodate approximately 20-30 persons. The SCR is used only for Kirkland House events and those sponsored by the Faculty Deans. It may not be reserved for student group events or meetings.

To learn more about the SCR...

Contact the 2022-23 SCR Coordinators, Anika Gupta and Raj Vatsa, for further information.