Reserve Media Room (L Basement)

Reserving the Media Room (L Seminar Room):
Only Kirkland residents and Resident Tutors may reserve the media room. **New in 2016-17: The Media Room is no longer locked.**

To add a reservation to these calendars...
1. Go to your own Google Calendar and create your event.
2. Include your name and the reason for the reservation in the Event Title (e.g. "John T. Kirkland, Group Project")
3. Invite this entity to your event:
This is the Media Room Calendar ID.
4. If the room is not already booked at that time, your reservation is complete and will appear on this page. Congrats!

If you do not have a personal Google Calendar, email Kate Cavell at with the date, time, and description of your event, and she can add it for you.

Media Room/L Seminar Room Schedule