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Kevin Holden

Kevin Holden

Resident Tutor for J Entryway
Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows
Advisor for Literature, Creative Writing, Philosophy, Arts

Kevin is a poet, a translator, and a scholar of...

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Katilau Mbindyo

Katilau Mbindyo

Resident Tutor
Tutor in: Writing, Drama Society

Hi Kirkland!
My name is Katilau (kah-tee-lah-oo).  I am a third year PhD student in the department of African and African American studies researching African indigenous wisdom and environmental humanities. Prior to living in Cambridge, I lived in New York City,  Poughkeepsie, NY, Houston, TX, Huntington Beach, CA, and Nairobi, Kenya. My pandemic hobbies include: long early morning walks, astrology, pop culture (currently in BTS rabbit hole), crocheting, in-home karaoke, and finding and taking care of houseplant friends. 
Super excited to spend this year in community with you all!