Pre-Law Tutors


Rosa Baum

Resident Tutor
Tutor In: Conversations with Kirkland, Pre-Law, IMs

Hi all! I’m incredibly excited to be in the Kirkland Community. I’m currently a dual degree student, pursuing a JD at the law school and a Masters in Public Policy at the Kennedy School. I hail from Colorado, with life having taken me for a great ride fo work (ie Mexico City where I was a legal services provider for migrants arriving in Mexico), study (Cairo, Egypt), play (I just competed in the World Ultimate (Frisbee) Club Championship), and pleasure (my most recent trip oversees was to work at a refugee camp on the island of Leros, Greece). I’m always up for a good chat about life, school, sports (I personally have played basketball, softball, baseball, football, soccer, and ultimate frisbee), or the future (I’m headed into public interest government work), and love getting out and about—the Colorado in me jumps at the opportunity to run, hike, or get out on the water. Whatever it is, let’s have some fun with it.


Mohammed Jagana

Resident Tutor
Tutor in: Pre-Law, Social and Environmental Justice, Race Relations, IMs

Hey Kirkland! I’m extremely excited to be joining Kirkland House as a tutor this year! I’m originally from Seattle, WA (no, it does not rain everyday lol) and am in my second year at Harvard Law School. Before coming to law school, I spent a year in Amsterdam, Netherlands teaching English and researching education while on a Fulbright. I’m a pre-law advisor, but will also be helping out with IMs, Race Relations, and Environmental Justice programming. I’m happy to chat about hiking, travel adventures, and Harry Potter. I look forward to meeting you all!


Katherine Mateo

Resident Tutor
Tutor in: Pre-Law, Race Relations, Spanish Table

Hi Kirkland! I’m very excited to be part of this community. I am from Philadelphia, PA and am in my fourth year of the joint degree program at Harvard Law School and the Harvard Kennedy School. I am a pre-law advisor, a race relations advisor, and I host a Spanish table in the dining hall. Swing by if you’d like to chat!... Read more about Katherine Mateo